5 Signs You Lack Confidence

Self-confidence has many different definitions and can appear in many different ways but can have a huge impact on a person’s satisfaction with life and overall wellbeing. There are many different ways that low self-esteem can reduce the quality of a person’s life and hold them back or prevent them from achieving their goals and aspirations.

When you are confident within and believe in yourself, you are able to let go of the need to be accepted by others. This is a very important feeling that allows you to set yourself free and become the best version of yourself. It is important to reflect on your daily thoughts and actions to analyze your levels of self confidence in different situations and determine whether or not you lack it.

Below are five different signs that determine if you lack self-confidence or not.

1. Seeking Validation

Always looking to external factors such as your surroundings and the body language or reactions of others in order to feel satisfied and happy is a sign that you may be lacking self-esteem. Independent people and those who are confident are able to accept themselves and love themselves first so that the opinions of others do not impact their mental and emotional health.

With the increased use of technology and social media, searching for validation from others can become addictive and is increasing at a significant rate. It is important to reflect on where you find acceptance and make sure that you are able to acknowledge the opinions of others without letting them control your confidence and self-worth.

2. Apologizing Often

Saying you are sorry constantly during unnecessary times is an important sign that you may need to work on your self-confidence. If you apologize before saying your opinion or for your behavior when you have done nothing wrong, you are putting yourself down without even knowing it.

Notice the times that you apologize and make sure they are only for legitimate reasons. You can replace “I’m sorry” with phrases such as “Thank you” or “Excuse me” depending on the situation in order to project your self-worth and gain respect.

3. Not Speaking Up

Being too hesitant to voice your opinion, especially in the workplace, is a sign that you may be lacking the confidence within and may feel incapable. Speaking clearly and confidently is one of the most important qualities of being a leader and someone that is trustworthy. Voicing your opinion shows that you trust yourself and are capable of the tasks at hand. This means letting go of self-doubt and the inner critic and stepping out of your comfort zone.

4. Social Withdrawal

Being afraid to go to social events or leave home can be a sign that you lack self-confidence and are holding yourself back from living your life to the fullest. Whether you are scared to speak and sound stupid or say the wrong thing or do not feel confident in your appearance, avoiding human interaction can be detrimental for your wellbeing. It is important to reflect on your fears and learn to face them because putting yourself in social situations can make you more confident and prepared in the future.

5. Feeling Incapable

Feeling like you are not enough or that someone else is more capable and could get the job done better than you can is one of the most common limiting beliefs that can lower your self-esteem and make you feel worthless. It is important to understand your unique skills and qualities and use them to fuel your confidence, rather than comparing yourself to others.


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