Fresh Start

Starting Over Later In Life

Behavioural expert and author Beverly D. Flaxington suggests that individual change and evolution is a natural and important process. People often reach stages in their lives when a major adjustment may be needed. This may be due a catastrophic change in their lives or encountering circumstances which mean starting over is the only real option. (

When we are young, we consider ourselves adaptable but as we get older the thought of starting over can be terrifying. If we are faced with the need to start again in later life it need not be so daunting and in some cases, it can be hugely liberating.

Starting Over in a Relationship

Clinical psychologist Marilyn A. Mendoza Ph.D. believes that losing a spouse can be one of the most traumatic moments in someone’s life. Their happy life as they knew it is over and they cannot envision being happy again. 

Some people would never even consider looking for a new relationship and would choose to just adjust to life alone. Others may need the comfort of a relationship but be scared to look for a new partner. It is a very personal choice. (

The key to starting over, especially when you have to do so in later years is to not rush things. There may seem an urgency to get back up and out there but truly there is not. The need to grieve must be respected and you should be absolutely sure that you are ready to move forward.

This is also true if a relationship falls apart in later life. It can be scary to be alone especially if the relationship was a long one. It will take bravery and resilience but more importantly time. Understand your self worth and know that sometimes it’s okay to focus on yourself. You will know when you are ready to move on, be patient with yourself.

Starting Over in Your Career

You may have had the same job and career for years, maybe decades, and it’s all you know and feel comfortable with. If something comes along to take that career away such as redundancy or perhaps medical issues that mean you can no longer do the work this can be a huge hit.

When in later life you can no longer go perform the job you loved, this is going to be scary and you are allowed to be upset by that. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have no use. Starting over is never easy but you can look into other careers. Take vocational classes to learn a new skill or trade. It’s never too late. Embrace the change and use it to find the next chapter in your life.

Keys to Starting Over

Starting over can be scary no matter what part of your life it is that is being affected. But there are keys that can help you get on the road to a fresh start.

  • Gain a Fresh Perspective: Once you get beyond the immediate sadness of losing the way of life you had it is time to start assessing your options. Take a step back from your feelings and take stock of what you have rather than what you have lost.
  • Identify the Challenges: Take stock of the challenges you face and for each one write down at least three possible solutions. Come from a space of positivity and a can-do attitude.
  • Reassess your Priorities: Look deeply into your priorities, you will likely find they have changed from when you were younger. Form your plan for starting over based on what is most important to you.
Fresh Start

5 Tips For Making a Fresh Start in Life

You might be feeling a bit nervous if you’re facing a new phase in your life. Will it work out?

Was this the right decision?

Whether it’s a new job or a new relationship, here some tips for making the most of your fresh start.

Don’t Fear Failure

Fear of failure is America’s number one fear. Many people are so scared they’ll mess up, they never try anything new.

And that’s a real shame because unless you take a few risks, you won’t get anywhere, and you’ll never reach your true potential.

Reframe failure as a lesson in what not to do next time. If you make a mistake or something doesn’t work out, you’re a step closer to success. Learn and move on. 

Talk to People

Be open to new possibilities when talking to people you don’t know. You may or may not be aware that most opportunities that come our way come from outside our usual network.

From a casual conversation in the coffee queue to chatting to the person in the next seat at a conference dinner, you never know who you’re about to connect with and where that connection might lead. Be approachable, be polite, and make new friends. 

Know What You Stand For

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have your own set of personal values.

Are you familiar with your core beliefs?

What about you life purpose – have you identified it?

Make yourself aware of your values so you can align your actions and steps as you focus on your path forward. See it as your own personal roadmap to guide you.

Be Aware of Your Personal Biases

Successful people don’t let their personal opinions get in the way of achieving their goals. Your opinions are not the same as your values. Values are the bedrock of what’s important in your life. You can have an opinion about sports or politics or how you prefer your steak, but don’t confuse views with what’s best for you. If a nontraditional opportunity comes up, think it through and work out if it’s in your best interest. 

Celebrate Your Successes

It’s essential to celebrate the milestones as you check them off on the way to achieving your goals. Celebrating small successes keeps your motivation and your energy high. It also makes those big life goals seem a bit less daunting. High-five yourself for everything you check off your to-do list, and you’ll soon find yourself celebrating the big wins. 

Fresh Start Personal Growth

7 Significant Benefits to Trying New Things

When you make it a goal to try something new, you may not realize why you’re setting out to do something new in the first place. There is a slew of benefits that come along from incorporating “new” into your life; here are 7 of them: 

Learn New Things 

If you never try new things, how will you learn new things? Think about an activity you’ve never tried before. You probably don’t know much about it, right? As soon as you put yourself out there and try it out, though, you’ll probably learn a lot more about it. 

Get Rid of Boredom 

Boredom is the worst – we all can attest. When you’re trying out new projects, new places, new people, etc., that boredom slips by the wayside. Keep your brain engaged, and you won’t have to deal with monotony creeping in. 

More Stories to Tell

As you try new things and meet new people, you accumulate more stories about your adventures. Whether it’s a funny story or a scary story, your stories become part of who you are. What a great perk!  

Get a New Perspective 

Sometimes, you need to sit in another area of the room to change your perspective – similarly, you need to try new things to change your perspective on life. 


Let’s face it – we spend a lot of time with ourselves. A whole entire lifetime, in fact. So if you do the same thing day in and day out, you probably won’t see many different sides to yourself. Self-discovery leads to many great attributes – confidence, self-awareness, perceptiveness, to name a few. 

Gain Confidence 

Why fly when you can soar? You can amount to great things by simply expanding your horizons and trying new things. Time after time, you’ll begin to gain a new sense of confidence in yourself and your capabilities. 

Experience Life to the Fullest

There’s a reason why people say you only have one life to live. If you take this sentiment to heart, you’ll want to get as many experiences out of life as you possibly can. That begins with your habits – your day-to-day life. When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll gain more of these experiences. Who knows what you could learn about yourself or your life? You’ll have to try to find out!