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5 Tips For Introverts to Help You Have More Energy When Socialising

Introvert or extrovert?

You wouldn’t think it matters, but the truth is, some people thrive on social interaction. Others don’t.

But even if you’re not an introvert, social interactions can sometimes be draining. The problem is these interactions tend to be the ones where you do need to be at your best. Think about the last time you had a job interview or spent time in conversation with a mentor. Even the best conversations can leave you tired.

So, how do you turn this around and keep up your vitality for even the most draining social interactions?

Imagine Who You Want to Be

If you want to have high energy during social interaction, you first need to picture yourself as someone who has this kind of energy.

What does it look like?

What kind of gestures would you use when speaking?

What tone of voice do you use?

Do you laugh or smile often?

If you can picture the person you want to become, it’s much easier to become that person. This might seem like a form of acting, and at first, it might well be, but the more you do it, the more authentic this high-energy version of yourself will become. 

Try Being Someone Else

Who do you admire who has a lot of energy?

This might be an actor or celebrity, or it might be your own best friend. When interacting socially, start asking yourself how this other individual would likely act in the same situation. Do what they do. Again, mimicking high energy has a funny way of becoming high energy.

Try Some Coffee.

This one won’t work for everyone, but coffee is a great stimulant. If you know you’re going to be needing a lot of energy for an upcoming social situation, why not have a cup of coffee beforehand?

You might need to experiment with this slightly to figure out how much coffee gives you an optimal amount of energy without leaving you jittery. 

Look Around

When attention lags, it’s natural to come off as being more low energy. By remaining interested in your surroundings and especially in the people around you, you naturally maintain a higher level of energy.

Start taking note of details. This has the added benefit of giving you things to talk about. 

Deal with Stress

If the energy drains right out of you in social situations, chances are it’s because you’re stressed. Any time you’re experiencing anxiety, your body takes more energy to get through simple tasks.

With this in mind, the best way to get more energy for social situations is the deal with the root of the anxiety you’re feeling when being social. This might mean dealing with some baggage. It’s worth it in the end, though. 

If you would like some help in coping with life as an introvert, I’d love to support you. I am an introvert too so I understand the pressures. Schedule a free call with me here so we can chat:)