Will Life Ever Return To The “Normal” We All Knew Before Covid?


Covid-19 has been a test for all of us like no other. Never before have the lives of so many people globally been disrupted and affected in such a way as they have been this past year.

So much has changed, and it is impossible to look forward with absolute certainty as to how this will all play out in the months and years ahead.

So your life has likely changed dramatically, and perhaps it is continuing to challenge and unsettle you.

Sometimes circumstances and people will break you into many pieces. Thats when you need to focus on the positives, keep your mind open to love and continue to get out of bed each day and put one foot in front of the other. That way you will put the pieces of yourself back together again and rebuild your life, and often times come back much stronger, more resilient and happier than you ever were before. Your attitude may well change and you will have different priorities.

I have found this to be true in my own life when life dealt me some nasty blows that knocked me down. But it was the brokenness which then forced me to start over, rise again and become a much happier and stronger version of myself.

Everything is changing, nothing is certain. We hold on to hope while at the same time we continue to experience loss, transition and more adversity.

But today, I want to remind you that you will be OK, even if you don’t feel OK right now.

Everything in this life is temporary – nothing lasts forever. But every moment gives us a new beginning. One moment ends and a new one begins – we literally get a new start…or a second chance every second!

Isn’t that just so amazing!!

Right now, as I write these words, the rain is pelting down outside. But one thing I know for sure is that it will stop raining.

The sun is not currently shining…but I know with certainty that it will shine again!

If I throw a ball in the air, I know it will come down again, because everything that goes up comes down again.

The darkness of night always gives way to daylight in the morning, we experience this every single day……but somehow we seem to get caught up in life and we don’t see it.

So take a moment right now….and let yourself see the truth. The truth that you will be OK. You’ve already survived 100% of your worst days, so whatever you are experiencing right now will also pass.

You may be a product of your past but you certainly don’t have to be a prisoner of it. You do not have to let it continue to control or torment you. You become a prisoner of your past when you continue to cling to the past – to what no longer exists.

Therefore, if you can find the strength and are brave enough to let go and say goodbye to the past, life will reward with with a new and often different (and better) hello.

It may be very difficult, but you ARE ABLE to let go, you must let go….

Let go and accept the feeling of not knowing where the future is leading you, or where you’re going next…..and practice leaning into this, learning to love and appreciate this freedom. Because, just like a little bird leaving the nest, it is only when you have no destination in sight and you are suspended in the air, that you will force your wings to fully open so you can take flight and soar. You may still not know your destination…and thats okay because that’s not what is important.

What is important is that you have opened your wing’s and begun to fly, and you know that as long as your wings remain open, the winds of life will carry you forward through your difficulty to your destination.

It has been said that the best lessons in life often come from the hardest of days. Often it is the low points in life that teach you the lesson you needed to learn that you couldn’t have learned any other way.

So stay strong and always remember – the sun will shine again! 

Making a perspective shift like this – thinking better is sometimes easier said than done. It takes practice, determination and consistent effort and it helps to have someone to support you and keep you accountable when you want to give up.

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