I am a triple certified life coach who specialises in working with aspiring female entrepreneurs and women of all ages who struggle with with low self esteem and imposter syndrome – that little inner voice that constantly nags inside your head telling you you’re a fraud and not good enough. Those false beliefs you hold on to that tell you you’re not as smart or capable as others think you are. 
The good new is – it doesn’t have to be this way! I use a blend of various coaching and counselling methods to empower you and bring about the change you desire. 
I will see qualities and strengths in you that you cannot see for yourself and gently draw them out, enabling you to gain deeper self awareness so you can fully appreciate your wonderful uniqueness and shine brightly. I will also lovingly call you out on your nonsense, hold you accountable and offer a new perspective for you to consider. You will experience greater confidence,  increased self-esteem and an unstoppable zest for life!

You have a unique gift the the world needs right now! It’s time to embrace your authenticity and step into your full potential!