Healing Habits of Love: 30 Key Habits to Love Yourself More


This little gem of a book with 30 key habits for you to prioritize today will take you into a world of self-love. Not egotistical love, but rather a nurturing and appreciative love for yourself.

If you have ever felt you’ve been spread too thin…. or that you have to run around taking care of other people, or that your job is to be a slave to the demands of others, then this book is for you.

Learn how to care for and nurture yourself from 3 essential directions; Physical, Mental & Spiritual, and experience greater amounts of joy and happiness in your life. Start taking better care of yourself today!

Tame Your Inner Critic


Chances are good you have some idea about what an inner critic is. Most of us deal with this nagging inner voice that often keeps us from living up to our potential. 

Fortunately, you can take charge of it once you learn more about where it comes from, and the patterns it uses to sabotage you. 

The key is discovering how to recognize this negative inner voice and understand the power it has over you. 

Once that happens, you have the ability to make real and lasting change.

Self Esteem: Start Believing in You


Self esteem relates to the opinion you have about yourself. It is important that we at least maintain a healthy level of self esteem, even better to improve it! 

Too many people tend to think that self esteem is immutable, like some permanent affliction.

Or, even if they know at some level it could be improved, they lack the courage or the knowledge to take the steps to do so. 

If you are not yet certain whether yours is low or just within healthy levels, this book can help you. It discusses indicators of low self esteem, healthy self esteem, and better still, ways to improve self esteem.

Get To Know Yourself: 30 Questions To Discover The Real You


How well do you really know yourself? Do you understand what you really like, and what you want and don’t want. How well do you know and understand your limits, your strengths and your beliefs?

Here are 30 questions you can ask yourself to get to know yourself better, or maybe to realize that you actually don’t know yourself all that well, let’s see which way you end up?