The Self-Care Package


The Self -Care package below is my very popular, special pamper package for those struggling with establishing or maintaining regular self-care. As busy women and perhaps busy mums, we tend to take great care of everyone else but neglect our own needs. Perhaps we consider  self care to be selfish or that it’s all about pampering ourselves with spa’s and facials. 

So let’s sort this misunderstanding right now…. self care is NOT self indulgent or selfish. 

Rather it means taking care of yourself and your needs so you can be healthy and well. Then you will  able to accomplish all the things you have to get done through the day.

Session 1:
Introductory call, get to know you better and your situation – plus a Self-Care Assessment
Session 2:
Lose the excuses! Time management and setting boundaries
Session 3:
Dealing with irrational beliefs and self criticism 
Session 4:
Self-care practices that benefit your mind, body and soul
Session 5:
Wrap up with a concept makeover!

Worksheets I’ll send you:
Eliminating Self Criticism, How to Banish Self-Sabotage, and Eliminating a Negative Belief

The 30 Days To Greater Self Love Checklist, and ebook about 30 Days to Greater Self Care
Number of sessions: 5
(Recommended 1 session per week)

Completion: 5 weeks

Cost:  $600
(Price is in $US)