How to Add Self-Care into a Busy Day

woman sitting on white bed while stretching

Where do you fit into your day? 

If you’re like most people, you’re pretty busy. You may feel like you’re running in many different directions at once, dealing with work, family, relationships and all the other day-to-day actions. So how in earth can you possibly fit self-care into a day like that? 

Well, thankfully, it’s might be easier than you think. If you want to increase your self care practice, these five ways may be helpful in slotting it into your busy day.

Ask Some Important Questions

Self-care isn’t always about over-indulging yourself. The core of self-care is more practical than you might think. You start by asking yourself what you need right now. This is the essence of self care, recognising and meeting these basic needs.

Mapping it Out

Let’s be real, self-care never just happens by itself. You will struggle to make time for it unless you are intentional about it. Try scheduling time for yourself and make use of your calendar to do so. If you do, you are much more likely to succeed in meeting your basic needs.

Start out by building in the little habits which will help you the most. You can begin with same steps, like adding some form of regular exercise 2 – 4 days a week. Or making a meal plan for more healthy meals to introduce healthier foods into your diet. As you achieve one goal, add in another. The key is not to overwhelm yourself all at once.

Figure Out What Comes First

How are you when it comes to priorities? Many people find it difficult just knowing where yo begin. Here you need to figure out the difference between important and urgent.

If something not urgent but really important, add it to your schedule. If something is urgent but not important, delegate, give it to someone else to do. But if something is urgent and important, do this first.

Learn to Say “No”

You should never feel like you have to say “yes” to everything. An important aspect of self-care is learning now to say “no.” Protect yourself from activities and tasks that drain your energy and give you little satisfaction by setting solid boundaries and sticking to them.

Do the Small Stuff

We think the little things don’t matter, but they do. Basic things like getting enough sleep, eating wisely and healthily, getting regular exercise and good hygiene go a long way in keeping you body in tiptop form.

By ensuring you take care of these basics, you are already on your way to practising better self care. These things also have a solid impact on your mental health. 

We tend to forget all of these things so easily when we get busy. Being intentional about what you do is essential when you are making an effort to improve your level of self care.

Remembering these 5 tips will go a long way toward keeping you healthy and happy no matter how busy you get.