My Best Friend and The Universe

woman sitting on swing

 For a long as I can remember,  it seems I have been the one whom those around me have confided in. They have poured out their heart telling me of their struggles and secrets. 

Could I help them way back then – no, certainly not!

But just listening to them seemed to be enough to calm the mini crisis and help them move on.

I found it an honour and a privilege to be confided in and entrusted with such personal information.(Little did I realize back then that this was likely the universe giving me signs as to my life purpose but I failed to see it until years later…..) 

 I remember one particular event. My best friend was due to be married in a week’s time….when she decided to call off the wedding!! Lots of external family pressure had pushed her over the edge.  She begged me to talk to her fiancee – one last chance to sort things out – possibly? 

Was I out of my depth…and my comfort zone? 

You bet I was!!

But with nothing to lose, I met with her fiancee and he talked while I listened…and then we all talked some more. 

It’s been more than 30 years since that conversation..and they are still happily married.!!

They refused to let external circumstances derail them. My friend learned that the only one who can best manage her life is herself, and not someone else. You see, external events do not harm us, it is our responses to them that decide our fate and our future. 

After that, a variety of experiences  contributed to the path leading to the work I do today, where you and I get to talk about the changes you desire to make in your life

However, back then it seems I wasn’t so good at giving myself the best advice… here if you want to read about other personal experiences that shaped my career path.

Do you ever feel like the universe is trying to tell you something -but you miss it completely? I’d love to hear – please share below.